Bavaria-wide demonstration on 22.7.2018

We oppose the irresponsible policy of splitting of Seehofer, Söder, Dobrindt and Co.
This is a call to action against society’s massive shift to the right, the surveillance state, the restrictions on our freedoms and attacks on human rights.

Here we come! Our diversity unites us and makes us strong! #Bayernbleibtbunt

The AfD is not the only party that employs fear mongering, hatred, and exclusion in their politics.  In Bavaria and Berlin, the Bavarian government’s election-campaign agenda increasingly bends towards the influence of undemocratic, right wing populists, and shows little regard for human rights.

  • Instead of upholding the values of our basic democratic order, these values are being dismantled. Refugees are criminalized, interned in deportation camps, deported to war zones and their supporters are defamed („Anti-Abschiebe-Industrie“/Dobrindt).
  • Instead of promoting education, providing clear information and communicating crime statistics honestly; fears are stirred-up. Bavaria implemented the strictest police task law (PAG) in the Federal Republic’s history.
  • Instead of promoting fair world trade, and working towards the elimination of the root causes of flight/exodus; inhumane regimes are supported both financially and through the provision of weapons, and wars are waged.
  • Instead of solving social problems such as crises in the nursing sector, poverty among the elderly, precarious working conditions, affordable housing, or implementing a fair minimum wage; bogus cultural debates (such as Söder’s Decree of the Cross and debates on Islam or Cultural Leadership) monopolize political conversations.
  • Instead of promoting full equality irrespective of gender identity, sexual orientation or any other axes of difference, a backward-looking view of the world is supported.We call for a Bavarian-wide demonstration against this policy of fear on 22.7.18 in Munich.

4 opening rallies unite to form a common train and illustrate the diversity of the alliance:

  1. Goetheplatz (1 p.m.): Start of the groups that deal with migration and asylum and oppose racism and war → Demo to the southern Theresienwiese
  2. Southern Theresienwiese (13:30): Start of the alliance „noPAG – No to the Bavarian Police Task Law → further on to the DGB-Haus
  3. DGB House (14:00): Start of all those who come from social conflicts (housing shortage, poverty among the elderly, care state of emergency, precarious working conditions)
    further to Karl-Stützel-Platz
  4. Karl-Stützel-Platz (14:30): Start of the people whose focus is the equal treatment of all genders and sexual identities → further to Königsplatz

Joint final rally from approx. 15:00 at Königsplatz – with the following artists performing:
Hannes Ringlstetter, Dicht & Ergreifend, Schlachthofbronx, Roger Rekless & David P. (Main Concept), Django 3000, Whiskey Foundation, G.Rag & die Landlergschwister, Hochzeitskapelle and many more.

We are people from different associations and civil society activities.  We come from ecclesiastical groups; we do volunteer refugee work; we are trade unions and social associations; we are schools and universities; we are the anti-war and environmental movements; we are queer and feminist groups.

Together for a colourful Bavaria! Equal rights for all who live here!

#ausgehetzt – Together against the politics of fear!